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Aroma-Disk (Terra Cotta)
This is a Terra Cotta disc about 2.5 inches in diameter. Perfect for diffusing your favorite essential oils in tight spaces like offices where the people surrounding you may not appreciate your choices! Put a couple of drops of essential oil on this disk, place it in your work area or at your bedside, and you have a very personal, localized diffuser!
Price: $3.00
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Car Scenter
Car Scenter
This diffuser plugs into your car's cigarette lighter. A drop or two of your favorite driving blend on the filter, and you are off! A great way to scent your car, naturally.
Price: $13.95

Fan Fuser
This hard working machine just goes on and on! Cylindrical in design, it stands about 8 inches tall, and has a diameter of approximately 6 inches. It comes with 2 re-usable diffuser pads, 2 speed settings and a 4 foot cord.
Price: $47.00

Fan Fuser Filters
Extra/replacement filters for your Fan Fuser(s)
Price: $3.50

Scent Ball
Scent Ball
Like the idea of store bought plug-ins, and hate the thought of artificial fragrances in your home? Here is the perfect solution - this little device plugs into a wall socket. Put a drop or two of the essential oil of your choice on the filter, plug it in, and voila - a fragrant room - naturally!
Price: $13.50

Scent Ball & Car Scenter Filter Pack
Scent Ball & Car Scenter Filter Pack
A 10 pack of replacement filters for your Scent Ball and/or Car Scenter.
Price: $4.75

Ultrasonic Nebulizer
A sleek little "space ship", this nebulizer is almost silent. Small (approximately 3 1/2 inches tall, and 7 inches deep) and fairly light weight, this machine is easily transported from room to room as needed. It has a blue LED light, several pre-programmed dispersion programs, and an automated shut-off when the water level is low. It is effective up to 500 square feet. This is a great way to get both essential oils and moisture into the air!
Price: $76.00