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Aromatherapy: The holistic practice of using pure plant derived essential oils in maintaining or regaining wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.

What Are Essential Oils

Essential oils are pure, natural, volatile, aromatic substances created by specialized secretory cells in plants and extracted by distillation with water or steam, cold expression, or dry distillation.  While still in the plant these substances are known as essences.  Once they are distilled they are called essential oils.  These highly concentrated substances may be extracted from flowers, grasses, leaves, bark, fruit, wood, resin, roots, rind and/or seeds.  These plant juices make up the intrinsic, fundamental nature of the plant itself.


Aromatherapy is rapidly gaining popularity! The use of essential oils is an excellent way of adding value and uniqueness to any healing arts practice, whether it be Massage Therapy, Reiki or any other kind of energy work, Psychotherapy, Hospice care, Long Term and Assisted Living facilities just to name a few. Research on essential oils is being conducted worldwide with some startling and amazing results. We keep up-to-date on and incorporate new information into all of our classes. Come and learn about some of Mother Nature’s most extraordinary gifts that can soothe body, mind and spirit simultaneously!

Clinical Aromatherapy: An In-depth Certification Program
with Cynthia J. Loving, Holistic Clinical Aromatherapist, LMBT (NC# 1379)


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